Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yellow and Blue apparition

(things get loud in the dark)

home you sit on the bed
painted yellow
everything your
sweatshirt socks high tops an oil spill
quiet light

the Brooklyn Queens Expressway snakes
neon vein dips the breastplate of my flat city
chests out the window just behind you

I wanted blue walls
like evening sky the color I
imagine thin trails of blood are
before a breath

you say veins are ropes
as though surprised we are bound up tied down by our body
you say they keep me on the boat

I wanted

tiny blue
really for a falling
moment my walls
matching a shade of night
and so the illusion would be the shelter

is what it is
stop me from

I sit in the sky for a minute
a self-delusion in
finite and warm next to the hissing radiator
you are yellow now grinning at me
a slick sun
I crouch for you
palm the wood at my feet
rough unstained

let my hands wander you they do when I am drunk
and with a touch trace
fingertips on accident fingerprints
across the room

small proofs
each frail swirl crime scene

you did touch her

evidence you

can’t stop they
start to look like footsteps
race a small track around
the squared walls
a room reaching its crooked arm

I paint the expressway on the walls speed thumb light
across the night
you grin again

I don’t ask for help explain
the warning a
bird without feathers

exposed explain

babe I do I slow always for you


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