Monday, February 26, 2007

Permanent Hickey Blushes Easy

“out of the sea
that nearly swallowed you”
-Etheridge Knight from Belly Song

outside the bar
it’s a white time
lacy taps my chest
it’s been snowing in her for a long time
she tells the other two

it went for a minute like
don’t put your hand in my pocket
it makes time move faster
went like rain in my beer
it makes it taste better

hi moonshine
good bye moon

now it goes different
she says it’s different when you’re single
come with me
come with me
you’re always walking away from me
I can’t wait I’m just I’m standing right here

just wanted to say
my capacity for love and kindness
is high I’m a wide open
it scares you I know
I’m red

Anna I thought you might like a call
from the loony bin
I’m in my thing again
punch myself in my own heart
it’s not interesting to walk in front of anything

your name sounds like something my dad used to say
tara tara tara
you used to make me give the strippers
all your singles
cause I was shy
tara tara
stop standing in there

it is vast out here

so large

and aching


fucking the other her
I think would be like
letting the sea in

our bodies harboring out
hand harbor harbor hand
my heart wading the abyss

lacy was gonna fight the other other her
lacy says
I was just gonna make her cry…
with words
it’s ok it’s not like that 4 me

my brain the tired sonar

I’m still within sometimes
I’m still wishin sometime
you’d just
take your clothes off
push your nose in my shoulder
I will close my eyes
but I will not accept
this is an empty
chest swell

now it goes like this
now it goes like this

the equation is
put your hand on my face
make the days last


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