Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No really

Thursday Night 7:30pm Broadway and Berry

DrunknSailors meet Rosedante
photo: Amy Lou Vanarsdale

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thisday Thursday

Friends and Fools

Please come join us for a night of love and disaster at Outrageous Look Gallery on this coming Thursday night. Reading briefly amidst the abyss of Diane Dwyer's stunning new paintings will be Anna Dunn, Peter Milne, Mya Spalter, Jess Ardnt, Clark Solack, Rachel Herman-Gross and possibly some found work by special guest Little. Be there at 7:30pm or be uncultured and kind of boring. Psyche. I love you all and can'twait to see you!

Drunk n Sailor

The Sinking Hip
Outrageous Look Gallery
103 Berry between Bedford and Berry
March 24th

Bird's Friends

I just got a lovely email from a friend I stayed with recently who lives in Australia. Kate and her husband Mike were my roommates for a week thanks to our great friends Gary and Natasha. Over the week Kate and Mike fell for Bird. Now they have Tudo (which is short for Tudo Bem or "all good" in Brazilian Portguese). Cutest ever! Also Kate has work up at the Brooklyn Museum Global Feminism Show so you all or we all should go see it!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I wear my sunglasses at night: Cinco De Mayo 2007

thank you Lacy I love you

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Drowning Rage Joint (translation The Sinking Hip)

Capacity 2: Established Ellipse

peak to peak my even urban
I need you when I anemic

town don’t tell her but
I want her when I am bare

I wake tremble as a
tree in the sea
you my affect
tremor tremendous

we are sliding
to or less
than the

simply desiring to be wholly tacit

we are capable of soliciting
we are fractal constructs

your soaring skeletal constitution
steel budding up

the way sternum and ribs pry out
leaving my lunge heart
the liable gulf

I know the sea
wants Williamsburg
to curl up and drown

I too pretend

this gay bar is a barrel on the breaker
us all the bubbles bursting

again and again and again
energy and momentum

capillary action allows
for one substance to pull another into it
we drink in the sink

and I am utterly homeless
within you