Wednesday, June 20, 2007

they can land that plane on my heart i don't care

-bright eyes

as you all know erin and i have been erin and i since we were 18 living in a roach infested brick building on the charles river, chugging vats of bacardi lemon and popping ecstasy like advil. and not much has changed except maybe drink and dose of choice. and throughout the years erin has copped many a feel but never with any success or effect other that the rare but pointed elbow jab to the ribs or glass of red wine tossed in her direction. as of late i have been mildly insomniatic and erin pointed out the other night that i have been coming home after her and leaving before she wakes. i kind of like it even though it seems like some sort of cosmic joke. more life doesn't mean better life... anyway earlier this week when I had the opportunity to sleep till noon i stayed up with erin talking shit and making fun of her for buyin a sandwich, a jar of pickles, hotdogs, muenster cheese and a package of smoke salmon from hanna food at 3 am. Peter says he saw her in hanna food and all she said was "hi boyfriend" took his ruben from his hands and starting eating. again erin went to bed before me. and although i planned to sleep till 10 sure enough i shot out of bed at 6:20 am. shit what time is it i'm late my phone is dead fuck. none of this was true of course. and in the manor erin has dealt with me for the past 9 years she rolled over put one hand on my shoulder one hand on my boob said don't worry i'll walk the dog all with her eyes closed and commenced to snoring. the thing is this time it worked. after prying her slumbering arms off me i feel back asleep and was almost late for work. running out the door saying erin remember what you said when you grabbed my tit you're gonna walk the dog right?

there is a similar narrative where a dog barks and the person i'm lying in bed with sits up and starts strangling me...

point is erin and amy left for the far coast today and i am sad... and it's quite possible she was getting me back for this...


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