Sunday, November 09, 2008

Poems With Family

Photos by Adam John Ward


Blogger fromage said...

So, I'm in NYC with my wife for this poetry conference. I don't so much care about the poetry, more so going to the city to eat good food. I heard about this place called Marlow and Sons while researching pig butchery and whatnot on the internets. My first inclination was to try to stage with this Tom guy but he said no, and rightfully so, that is a tiny space. So I look at the listing on NYMag, just killing time in the hotel. Related links at the bottom of the page, I'll go check those out later. Anyway, Sunday afternoon we have a wonderful late lunch/early dinner/cheese/soup/pate thing, buy a Diner Journal and some chocolates for friends, and head back to hotel and LGA and Athens, GA. I get home, too tired to sleep. Waste time, look at above mentioned links. One is Ask a Shop Clerk from a few years ago. Hey, that's the girl with the cool portal tattoo! Google the name, confirm. Small world. Nice tattoo.

2:20 AM  
Blogger NY L7 said...

we even look like we could be related, considering all the flannel, denim and practical footwear! xoxo

why am i so faraway...and my torso soooo much longer than my legs? good lawwd! ;)

7:36 PM  
Blogger Drunk n Sailor said...

ha. formage what a funny coincidence. what do you think of the Journal? And again thank you. I'm working on a post right now of the four of us that have the tattoo. it is from the cover of the blue book on the table of the post "poems without family." it was very nice to meet you and your wife if briefly. let me know next time you are in town!

And Robert you're right that is fucking funny. Unfortunately Andrew and Mya. I'm gonna start wearing heels to these things. xoxo

11:44 AM  

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