Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Night Moves

I drive mania
Me in Blue Thunder in the mouth of the beast
The fallen down day

Blue Thunder accelerated up hills me thumping
The break

Rocket as though…

Me slight and teenaged at her reigns
Teetered on a can of beer a dragged joint
I touched light that

Dream soft my always
Haley sky

Drive until the radio played a song
I didn’t like then turn the wheel home

Toward morning spasm
Skirted stomachs toward pavement love

Then Bob Segar or Fat Bottom Girls or Don’t Stop Believing and
Away again

Falmouth Freeport Falmouth Cumberland Rockland Grey

Flip the lights off over the thin
Plank bridge I knew so
Loose the wheels
Close my tight eyes over the ocean bridge
To cousins island

Trust beyond endest
Heaven nerves let go or maybe want as much as I could to die

And the road shudder cricket churn yellowed horizons
And I am
Patiently young

Pushing Thunder through
The showering transparency of night


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