Sunday, March 11, 2007

Love Vs. Itself or

"well me cause there is no us when she is gone"
-Jessica is laughing

Sven: Not possible. You are my heartbeat.

Me: I would say you are my beaten heart but that would be a romantic lie. You are my most healthy heart.

Sven: I fucking love you. Doz just kicked me in the face. With that I return to this tired slumber.



"I am going to relapse. You're being judgmental."
"Please T unfixate. Please."

you are an arteried thing

Josh brings me a note he found on the way to work.

Love is As
Painful as Death!
Love is just a
four letter word
just like Pain!

ps. somewhere in between

"Did I say keep looking at me? Cause what I meant was don't.
Back when I meant what I meant what I meant."

-mutter mouth loud then small then loud and small
-the narrative goes love and need are two separate beasts

two seperate beats

-tell them I am jar sized now walk through me

Vital heat, also called innate or natural heat, or calidum innatum, is a term that has generally referred to the heat produced within the body, usually the heat produced by the heart and the circulatory system. -Wikipedia


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