Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thoughts that are making me happy sad sane crazy:

1. Bird

2. M comes home to get the rest of her stuff. J is lying on the hard wood floor where the bed used to be. He drinks a 22-ounce can of beer without lifting his head. “You should come over sometime,” she says. “Yes totally. It will be fun… we could play chess.” J taps his head softly against the ground.
3. Billy

4.The one time I went to walk Bird when we got out the door tiny bits of white paper were flurrying down around us. Timmy Twelve Step or Timmy Tutu, depending on his mood, reached a scissored fist out of my bedroom window. Proud of himself he grinned, “Look Anna! Snow!”
“ you got a face with a view/ I’m just an animal looking for a home”-Talking Heads
The conversation that went like this last time it happened:
Me: I lost my phone to the ocean!
Mike: You threw your phone in the ocean.
Me: No more like I took my pants off and it floated away. Seems to be a trend.
Sven: Oh Yeah?
She grabs her cell phone.
Sven: I just lost mine to a cocktail.
She tosses the only cell phone we have left in the house into her travel size mug of vodka OJ and looks at me.
So many people who have offered to take me in. Elizabeth says I should definitely stay at her house! That I can look at all the books and records and… I can read letters, which strikes me as the intellectual or emotional equivalent of going though someone’s underwear drawer. Then she tells me she is off to make a sculpture of a warm puppy.
8.Thinking about moving here...

9.I arrive at Bravo Supermarket exactly 3 minutes before they close. And I see a lady bagging the last of the broccoli and have a nervous breakdown in my mind. Then she looks at me. "Did you want the broccoli? Have it. I was just gonna buy it cuz it was on sale." I want to tell her I'm really not gonna cry over the greens and she should keep them but I screamed so loud in the car ride over that I gave myself a sore throat. Instead I nod thank you but she has already moved on.
Why a warm puppy? Because the Charley Brown thing. “Happiness is a warm puppy.” Note above photos.
(dog photos: porte)
(ps if you click on Guy Jones' trailer someone has keyed "1.5 trailer park" on the front)


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