Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Morning in Dream Town

I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free
- The Clash

how much can we say to no

the phone was ringing
but I thought it meant I had to get up
so I ignored it
on accident

Sweden was calling Clark was sleeping in his car just around the corner
of Brooklyn
and me

it’s six am and we both
have the soft thaw on
the glacial way life
moves you from one foot to the next

he is white from cigarettes and all the night car
I am fuzzed from the one last lost shot shot shot
three hours ago

so this morning just below the glass bridge
Sophie’s is an island for the lost boys
Lacy glow purrs sleeptime on the small couch

Clark and I play with bird dog
the sun touches up on dream town

and when we walk out into the lighthouse
the river looks more like an ocean than a
pulmonary ever has before

waves howling up at the twilight firmament
the river looks like a destination and
not the slip

Josh says when I am really tired
sometimes I get so tiny
you can’t see me

at the bar the other night I was over it
tired all and all
of or with or for
the momma bear to all the flickering boy hearts
tossing the bar about in the 3 am

I’m sorry I think
I was listening to the sound
of me tuning you out

but then again it all comes
back down the spine

with the weak position behind her
eye sometimes

like how she'd like
the desert cause it seems like skin

and I watch the sky
cause its what’s inside


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