Monday, April 09, 2007

Today the world is either side of snow falling

I’m not looking to change the world
I’m not looking for a new England
I’m just looking for another girl.
-Billy Bragg

I am looking for New England

Lacy says
around the corner is brilliant because
you never say what corner

this is me tossing my voice
into the void

Peter says it’s like they are all pulling on my limbs
and this last one right here this is for my beer

Nico is going to find that Buddhist zen place
I ask him to burn it on a disc for me

then Peter wants to know
if he drinks his beer will he disappear

and we talk about getting shirts made
they would say:

“Imagine fucking me.
Now imagine me fucking you.
Now take that home with you.”

I am changing the world

we are just south of horrible
east of death
and a little north

easter snow and I am in love with the way this goes

Peter and Bird and I are going to move to Spain
And I will work at a bar where people will have to point
at what they want to drink

until I learn Spanish

today is easter
me and lee and rachel and sandy sing Stand By Me
I am a living oblivion

and the street asks me what it is I’m suffering from
and the ladie's carriage says dream on me

I’m not looking for another girl

dream on me make me feel alive
we are the emotional equivalent
of being run over by an ambulance

it feels like shit but then
we’re saved


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