Sunday, January 14, 2007

Drink until you want me or the screen door slams mary’s dress waves

Like a vision
I grin when Katy
Calls me babe
Because she loves me

295 silvers its way up the white neck
Of New England chins New Hampshire
I watch the gray pools we glide by
Reflect blue and the clouds
So still if you dove in you might touch
The bottom of the sky

I want
Love big punch me love

Under the belly of union square
She is so bent on telling me of ghosts
She can’t see the bodies before her
I slip into her hand pull her down into the train
The 6 burns up the side of the island

Acid in the vein

Not the thick luck of
Blood and valve

I have it
At night
It is the four of us sifting in
Me Katy
Bird and no name the dog
At out feet

We pour up so we
Can finger tip

(photo by Alex A. aka Frenchie)


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